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Calculation Exercises

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In addition to the practice exams on the Home Page of this website, you may wish to try on-line interactive exercises on medication administration. Although there are some on-line interactive drug calculation exercises and commercially available CD-ROMS on drug calculations, most originate from the USA. Unfortunately they are not very suitable for Australian nurses because the USA still uses the Imperial System of measurement. They are in transition in the change-over to the international standard of measurement based on decimals (International System of Units: SI).

However, this Nursing Calculations (2005) program from the Educational Innovations company, South Australia has been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing Australia. Press "run" when prompted. A trial version on CD-ROM is available from Educational Innovations.

Here are other suitable on-line quizzes:

Quiz 1 : from TestandCalc Company (trial version available on-line)

Quiz 2 : from an NHS hospital pharmacy UK, prepared specifically for nurses (available free on-line)

An on-line quiz is being developed especially for nurses at St Andrew's.

Have a try at the questions developed so far.

If you have any suggestions for questions, please send to Jillean Martyn

Here is the start of the quiz (short answer and multiple choice). Press "Back" to come back to this page.

The quiz is being constructed using "Hot Potatoes" software that has been registered for use by J Martyn.


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