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SC4: An understanding of the need to work collaboratively with school staff and members of the wider community in order to establish productive partnerships and achieve educational objectives.

It is through my practical experiences at Scots PGC, it was revealed that any school can be seen as its own community. The school community is made up of teachers, administration, support staff, grounds men, students, parents and the wider community that all need to work collaboratively together to achieve educational objectives. Within the school environment I found it beneficial to work with other teachers and Heads of Department to create meaningful educational outcomes for students, and to develop behaviour management strategies.

Collaboration with parents/carers is a process that is taken very seriously at and it was not until I experienced this first hand in my practical experience at Goondiwindi State High School that the full impact that this collaboration has on a student was witnessed. I found that by collaborating with parents/carers that behaviour management could be facilitated and it was easier to work with ‘problem’ students as I could reach an understanding of the outside problems these students faced. Many of the students with behavioural problems which I experienced in my practical experience almost always had another element of their lives which was adversely affecting their behaviour at school whether it be something as trivial as there being six children the family and the students not getting enough attention at home therefore they craved this attention at school through misbehaviour.

Education Queenslands states that, “…Partnerships [should be] formed with a range of professionals…[such as] teacher aides…to support and deliver student learning experiences…” (Education Queensland , 2002, p27). It was also in this school that I noticed how important it was to collaborate with support staff to aid students that were experiencing difficulties in class. The importance of forming these partnerships became apparent to me in my last practical experience when I found myself with a class with very low literacy levels. I needed to rely on the assistance of the appointed support staff and this just reiterated to me how important these members of the community, which we call a School, really are.

I feel that it is not only important to gain or maintain partnerships within the school community it is also just as important to ensure that there is a strong partnership within you community. When strong partnerships are present within the community the ability to advance students learning into real world activities are endless. For example if students are completing a unit on Marketing in English and the school has a strong partnership with a local advertising agency or newspaper then a field trip could teach the students in one hour that could perhaps take five in a classroom not ot mention the excitement for the students to see the actual putting together of a newspaper or campaign.

Throughout my practical experiences I have diligently evaluated myself, my lesson plans and my teaching strategies to both better myself and aid my students through improving my teaching practices, resources utilised and curriculum. Even when I have thought a lesson was successful I have re-evaluated this lesson and thought of other teaching strategies I could have used to perhaps make the lesson suited to one of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. I have also collaborated continuously with my mentor teachers and utilised their suggestions. I have found observing other teaching styles and strategies helpful in furthering my experience and improving my own teaching and thus have observed a variety of teachers, subjects and behaviour management strategies.

As a teacher I will be willing to participate in school activities, committees and planning. During my practical experiences I have participated in school life by:

  • Helping supervise exams and students on playground duty.
  • Attending weekly staff meetings, curriculum planning days and professional development seminars.
  • Assisting in fundraising for the Gallipoli Trip- Goondiwindi State High School
  • Assisting in the formation of the School Magazine- Scots PGC
  • Supervising Field trips to the Science show in Toowoomba- Clifton State High School
  • Helping coach sporting teams, assist in training.
  • Collaborated when designing, implementing and modifying lesson/unit plans.
  • Collaborated with fellow teachers to help design, implement and mark student assessment.
  • Attending weekly information sessions for first year teachers
  • Supervising at Socials

I have found that by becoming involved in the school community I feel as though I am a part of something great. To be a part of an exciting, challenging and worthwhile professional means to immerse yourself into the school community and give it your all. By immersing yourself into the school community it enables you to feel supported throughout your professional life.


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Last Updated: June 23, 2005