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Frog Joke - Why are frogs so happy??? Because they can eat whatever that BUGS them!!

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Hibernation - The Big Sleep

  Earlier, you were asked to find out about what being "cold-blooded" meant. Well now, here's your answer! Let's see if you were correct.

A frog's body temperature stays the same as it's environment, so it is said to be “cold-blooded”. A person's body does not. Our bodies are made to stay the same temperature no matter what happens around us. If we get cold, we'll start to shiver, which helps our body create heat. We are warm-blooded.

If the temperature around a frog gets too cold, it will die. So, as winter nears, the frog will dig way down deep into the bottom of the ground under a log, stone, or at the bottom of a pond or lake. Its heartbeat slows down and it will breathe, not through its lungs but only through its skin. Water is taken in the same way. The frog will not eat or move, until spring. Click here to see a picture of a frog in hibernation.

Journal Activity #8 - In your journal, write a list of things you think a frog would need to survive indoors in a vivarium.

Journal Activity #9 - In your journal, write a list of things you think a frog would need to survive outdoors, in a vivarium. How would you protect him from predators? You may get this information from your own thoughts, talk to your friends or do some research.

With the proper care and the right conditions, a captive frog can also pass the winter months in an outdoor vivarium. However, it is important that one be built to be as safe and protected, as possible, from predators. Be prepared to let your frog go at the end of the summer unless you've done a lot of research and are prepared to build a proper outdoor vivarium.

The first sign of spring will come when the frogs wake up from their long winter's nap and begin to sing! Now would be a good time to visit the Froggy Songs page!